Memorandum – Kalispell Public Schools, Superintendent Micah Hill


From: Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

TO: Kalispell Public Schools
Info: FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
Kalispell City Government
Whitefish Schools
U.S. Department of Education
Governor Steve Bullock
The State Bar of California

Kalispell Public Schools I have contacted the superintendent’s office several times in the last 2 weeks for the purpose of requesting the records of two students I have provided birth certificates and government identification to establish myself as one of their parents.

I have communicated with the principal of Flathead High School on several occasions and submitted a memorandum to her through email notifying her of a previous conversation informing her of emotional and psychological abuse two of her students are enduring regarding being exploited with false allegations of sexual abuse and being impacted with parental alienation and possible parental interference per Montana Code. I have informed her of her responsibilities to report abuse that is brought to her attention in accordance with Montana Code 41-3-2010(d). Montana Code 41-3-207 states failure to report is a misdemeanor and failure to report sexual abuse is a felony in the state of Montana. The principal of Flathead High School is refusing my calls at her office. Is this form of emotional tantrum and manipulation tolerated in the state of Montana by a public school employee when a parent is trying to report abuse and find children that are being concealed by a parent across 3 states over the last several years?

Superintendent Elsie Arntzen I applaud your 18 JAN 2021 social media post supporting your state legislators moving to improve early school enrollment for relocating military family members. What relevance does this have when two of your school districts in Flathead County are completely resistant to a twenty-year retired US Navy veteran who provides proper identification and birth certificates in reporting abuse and criminal behavior by the custodial parent that is brought to their attention regarding two of their students.

I am in the process of submitting 3 California FL-410’s (contempt) against the current minor counsel Law Office of Colleen A. Warren, APC and the previous minor counsel for negligence, and the current custodial parent for over 3 dozen contempt violations including perjury and violating multiple court orders. The current Minor’s Counsel has reported in her court filings that she has been in contact with either the lawyer of Whitefish School District or Kalispell School District. It is my intention to have her removed from this case in the next few weeks due to her alleged failure to accomplish the task she was assigned in the court document appointing her to her position on 28 FEB 2020. I will be communicating this to the Honorable Judge of San Diego East County Court Department 5 case: ED100465 on my 28 JAN 2021 court date.

Micah Hill I have contacted your office numerous times and you have made to my knowledge one attempt to call me back. I have scheduled you an appointment tomorrow at 3 pm (central time) to contact my office to talk to me regarding the transfer of two of your student’s school records to me for my investigation and your district’s alleged failure to report abuse.

Superintendent Elsie Arntzen I currently have an open case file with the Kalispell Police Department (Case: 2021-1652) for the investigation of the principal of Flathead High School for failure to report abuse that was brought to her attention. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that I will be pursuing similar action against the Assistant Principal of Whitefish High School. It is my intention to ensure what I see as a violation of your state’s laws is fully investigated and reported through your state’s judicial system to a logical conclusion.
Superintendent Elsie Arntzen your state’s public education system is a reflection of your leadership and I find the way it handles reports of abuse appalling.

Attorney General Tim Fox as your Montana Office of Consumer Protection has provided this custodial parent an address to conceal herself and two children that are under the jurisdiction of a court in another state (that the individual you are concealing departed without proper court authorization or mediation) very revealing of what justice stands for in the state of Montana.

If you request my court declarations from San Diego East County Superior Court you will find your state is not the only one that has a government official that provides a concealment address for anyone for the purpose of concealing themselves and the children they have custody of without any court order authorizing such behavior.
What your concealment program has provided is assistance to a parent’s 4 years behavioral pattern of concealment of children, other alleged criminal conduct, and denial of any form of visitation for the last 4 years while bypassing the proper due process of obtaining a restraining order (which she requested in May 2019 and dropped in October 2019 after submitting no evidence and based on false allegations that had already been investigated by the San Diego County Sheriff in case: 17136819 determining no abuse occurred nearly 4 years ago).

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office/Case: 2020-40155 – Officer Brauer
Alleged Violations of:
1.TITLE 41. MINORS, CHAPTER 3. CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT, Part 1. General, Definitions, 41-3-102.
2.TITLE 45. CRIMES, CHAPTER5. OFFENSES AGAINST THE PERSON, Part2.Assault and Related Offenses, 45-5-220
3.TITLE 45. CRIMES, CHAPTER 8. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER, Part2.Offensive, Indecent, and Inhumane Conduct, Privacy in Communications, 45-8-213
4.TITLE 45. CRIMES, CHAPTER 5.OFFENSES AGAINST THE PERSON, Part 6. Offenses Against the Family, Parenting Interference, 45-5-634
5. TITLE 45. CRIMES, CHAPTER 8. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ORDER, Part2. Offensive, Indecent, and Inhumane Conduct, Criminal Defamation, 45-8-212 6. TITLE 45. CRIMES, CHAPTER 4. INCHOATE OFFENSES, Part1. Enumeration of Offenses and, Extent of Liability, Conspiracy, 45-4-102

A report has been filed with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services which has been referred to the Kalispell, MT Office.

Ames Police Department: Case: 20-005368 – Officer Rohland – Regarding the unauthorized transfer of custody of two children to guardians in the state of Iowa and witness tampering (denial of two witnesses to attend court dates to provide testimony on 21 AUG 2019 and 30 AUG 2019 in the state of California regarding false allegations of sexual assault)

Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office: Case: 391220-3262 – Officer Bennett
Alleged Violations of:
1.Iowa Code Section 703.3 – Accessory After the Fact
2.Iowa Code Section 706.1 – Conspiracy
3.Iowa Code Section 710.6 – Violating Custodial Order
4.Iowa Code Section 720.4 – Tampering with Witness or Evidence 5.Iowa Code Section 726.6 – Child Endangerment
Regarding any questions of my concerns of the current legal representation for my children. A mathematical analysis of actions she has reported to the court on publicly available documents regarding the position she was assigned to investigate allegations of child molestation in accordance with California Rules of the Court 5.240/5.241/5.242 is located at the following site that is under construction:


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208