Memorandum – Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office, IA


From: Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

To: Guthrie County Sheriff, IA
Info: Office of the Attorney General of Iowa
Ames Police Department, IA

Subject: Status of Investigation 391220-3262

When I send you a 20+ page sworn statement, over 1000 pages of evidence, and over 300 pages of court declarations articulating a criminal situation in 3 states, and citing multiple violations of the Iowa Code in your county it is my expectation that you keep me updated on your progress with your investigation. Whether you do your job, or I am forced to sit down with your County Attorney and communicate to her the responsibilities she has in executing her position the guilty will be processed according to our laws. The only question I have is how many lawyers, state, and municipal employees will be professionally admonished (recalibrated) in the process or lose their jobs during my pursuit of my children and justice (as the evidence shows 2 lawyers I have dealt with in this matter possibly did during 2018 and 2020). The evidence I have to support you have taken no action or performed any investigation:

-You have not contacted one of my primary witnesses.
-You have not responded to me and provided me an update.

-I have called the Guthrie County Sheriffs’ office on multiple occasions and have never received a phone call or email response.

I have reported to you an alleged co-conspirator/accessory after the fact within Guthrie City in the movement of children across state lines in violation of multiple court orders regarding custody and witness tampering for the purpose of concealing testimony to the court who has jurisdiction over the children that this person as the evidence shows was allegedly involved in concealing and organizing the transport to their residence in Iowa. Children that have been concealed from a parent and the court having jurisdiction of them for the last 4 years. Whether you feel this case is important or worth your time is irrelevant. The facts remain that you have a woman within your city limits that evidence shows was involved in the concealment of children and the psychological abuse of them while coercing, enticing, and manipulating them with false allegations of sexual assault and child molestation who works as a teacher within this state. My conclusions are also supported by testimony from a law enforcement officer of Lake County, Illinois who has been in direct contact with the accused in your county in the past and is two points of contact away from the accused of Ames Police Department investigation 20-005368. I have additional evidence I will be submitting to you to support this conclusion. As well as reporting to their superiors their unethical use of government assets and his position in an attempt to suppress his possible involvement/having knowledge of this situation. Based on the evidence and my analysis of your performance I find that any children that the accused in your jurisdiction may have abused or is currently abusing physically or psychologically (if evidence were to surface in the future to support this conclusion) since my criminal complaint was filed could be logically argued in court is solely your responsibility as all available evidence I have indicates you have taken no action on this case.

I served this country for 20 years.
I have no criminal record.

I have maintained the integrity of our nation’s classified information systems, datalinks, and voice circuits while maintaining a Top Secret Clearance while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the Northern Arabian Sea while most Americans were watching the news trying to understand what just happened in 2001. I have served in numerous foreign countries. I have crossed approximately/nearly every line of longitude.

I retired from the US Navy with an Honorable Discharge in 2017
I have lost the opportunity to be a part of my children’s lives.

My life has been threatened twice once by a cowardice convicted felon who is currently financially profiting off his actions against my children and myself.

I have been threatened with legal action by multiple law firms trying to cover up their failures in this situation (including failure to protect their client from financial extortion regarding false allegations of sexual assault which is a felony in the state of Iowa and California) while 2 lawyers have sought employment elsewhere in the last 2 years after I put pen to paper.

I am currently in the process of holding two lawyers who have represented my children in contempt of court (The current lawyer appears to have removed her law firm off of Facebook during my public declarations on social media regarding current events related to this situation.)

I have spent a week in the VA Hospital because I did not want to live anymore, and I no longer knew how to process life because of this situation. Because of the stress of carrying the weight of dozens of professionals responsibilities on my shoulders that have refused to perform their jobs. While facing the reality that after serving the country I believe in that same institution was totally fine throwing my life away because one woman wanting to profit off of child support and enjoy the continued destruction of her former spouse’s life that she thrived on destroying during our relationship for the purpose of having control made the decision to start spreading false allegations of spousal rape and child molestation while spreading publicly on social media and privately to people I know that I am a rapist, abuser, child molester, pedophile, etc.

Our society’s laws have determined that the non-consensual physical restraint and sexual assault of a woman’s body is a crime as it should be.

What is it when evidence shows that a woman has non-consensually emotionally/psychologically restrained a man while sexually assaulting his mind? While destroying how the world sees him externally while destroying how he feels about himself internally leading to significant damages to his physical health?

Are they not both examples of psychopathy? Are they not examples of two forms of the same species executing a similar crime with the tools they have available to them. If I did not have several more memorandums to generate today I am sure I could show medical references stipulating that men generally have superior physical strengths (allowing for them to accomplish physical restraint) based upon increased testosterone. Women generally have superior emotional intelligence and “social-communication skills allowing them to exploit a man’s life in a criminal manner through social media and psychological/emotional destruction while restraining his mind, soul, and how people perceive him.

What makes this situation that much more criminal is this woman has a degree in Psychology, and the country I served for 20 years has communicated to me clearly it does not give a fuck about the children (my children) that she has custody of and what that level of psychological/emotional abuse has done to them. If any law enforcement officer wants to see screenshots of a child acknowledging suicidal thoughts and cutting while in her custody I have them. Their current lawyer Colleen A. Warren who already communicated to me the children were staying with their Mother during 2020 submitted court filings showing she spent more time drafting court paperwork requesting payment for their representation than she did talking to her clients. Her filings show she took no action investigating their best interests until the first week of September when I communicated to her my understanding of California Rules of the Court 5.242 which articulate her responsibilities in executing her court appointment as a Minor’s Counsel in the state of California.

So if I can respectfully clarify my position on this matter. If anyone thinks that I am afraid of spending a night in jail because I didn’t properly serve an officer of the law his/her morning donut with respect to addressing, articulating, and professionally communicating to him/her their failure to perform their job. Or if there are any law firms that are under the impression that I am afraid of a civil lawsuit after I have already lost everyone in my life that I loved. Or if there are any convicted or future felons that think I am afraid of losing my life after I already almost took it myself.

None of you know who I am. None of you know what I have been through and my commitment to my beliefs and my loyalty to those that I love and care about.

I feel no fear because I have felt and seen Christ beside me ever since the day in my life when I almost stopped believing in hope. When everything around me turned to darkness. I have given up on my personal ambitions because what drives me now is fighting evil, holding the negligent accountable, and ensuring I do everything I can until my body rests in the dirt that it came from that no child is ever taken from one of their parents, that no child is forgotten about and shown no concern for by our society until their lifeless bodies are found and all of a sudden compassion is displayed for the purpose of easing the conscience because we failed to prevent it as a society, and that no Mother or Father ever loses their children.

Every day of my life because of severe depression, anxiety, panic, blood pressure that reaches 118/170 and the pain I feel I no longer see a future, I cannot tolerate the evil in the present, the only path I see is one moving through the past showing a collection of painful memory’s that the laws of the 4th dimension dictate that I cannot fix. All I can do is do everything I can to combat evil and help those that are suffering. Because it has become apparent to me that even those that are paid to do not care.

To all of us that are in positions that stand against evil in all of its forms malice, injustice, prejudice, or inequality. We either hold ourselves at a level where we spend every day of our lives combatting it as a team, or those that choose not to or do not have the honor, courage, and commitment to need to seek new employment. As two lawyers on a long list, I have not finished with have sought already. Because all I have left in my life is protecting those that cannot protect themselves and presenting evidence to the proper government authorities of those who had a responsibility to do so and failed or chose not to.

Christ was crucified.
Socrates was jailed.

Do what you will with me, my Soul is ready. I will not stand down and stop speaking the truth. I will never stop fighting for my children, what I believe in, and doing what I can to protect others from what we as a society have agreed upon is wrong in accordance with our laws. If I were to ever quit or give up, the 20 years I have already served were for nothing.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

I used to wear Superman shirts every day because after being in a relationship that completely destroyed my self-worth and identity all I had left was what I believed in and what I wanted to be. Two women that I will love for the rest of my life saved me and were there for me while I found myself and found the courage to be what I believe in and the commitment to defend it. I am a Sailor I will spend my life focused on my mission because all I need in this life is the star that helped me find the shore and the lighthouse that sheltered me when I found it.

Publishing Transparency: Correspondence originally published to Facebook on 27 January 2021. Correspondence reformatted for publishing at Rampart Phoenix and redistribution through certified mail on 19 February 2021