Evidence of Conspiracy

Iowa State University received approximately $154.8 million in federal research funding for the fiscal year 2021. This is a decrease of $31.2 million (approximately -16.8%), from their fiscal year 2020 record of $186 million.

I am currently finalizing an investigation, preparing evidence, and a cease and desist order regarding possible unethical/non-professional use of this universities information technology equipment by possible employees/users while interacting with a domain (phoenixharbor.com) that I maintain. University network use that evidence would suggest was possibly for the purpose of furthering a conspiracy against me that has existed since early 2017 enabling the concealment of my children without court authorization or evidence to support its purpose.

Internet Protocol address information, Global Positioning data, and browsing history in regards to an approximate 10-hour timeline on 23 NOV 2021 synchronized with the residential locations across four states of individuals that I communicated in San Diego East County Court case: ED100465 were involved in the unethical/unauthorized concealment of my children. Minute by Minute browsing records of these internet protocol addresses across four states including assets at Iowa State University shows evidence of possible coordination of information regarding fictional poetry that was published under the pseudonym “Mirebird” on site “Phoenix Forest” within the phoenixharbor.com domain.

Iowa State University will receive my cease and desist order, accompanying internet protocol/host evidence, and all historical related evidence to provide context on 29 NOV 2021. They can determine how they choose to handle this situation regarding whether my theory, testimony, and evidence line up with their historical records regarding the usage of their network.