Electronic Mail – Jasper County, IA Attorney Nicholson – 20 JAN 2023

Jasper County, IA Attorney Scott Nicholson,

I understand you are a busy county attorney, so I have gone ahead and attached all electronic mail correspondence regarding this complaint to help you catch up regarding the records I requested. Since the evidence indicates you cannot manage your office’s productivity in your absence, I have included the electronic mail addresses of the attorneys in your office in this correspondence. Electronic mail addresses you provided in the records response before your shift in determining that electronic mail is confidential in the State of Iowa. After Jasper County, IA produced evidence of violating a citizen’s first amendment rights while you were attempting to get reelected.

The curious thing about my requests to government bodies regarding employee internet browsing records is that there is evidence supporting a trend regarding delayed responses.  Possibly to exhaust the general 30 – 60 day retention period most information system managers have in place for these records.

It is possible that if you were confident regarding your initial determination regarding the records I requested being confidential.  You may have provided a prompt response leading to this complaint’s dismissal.

You may not be used to someone talking to you like this.  But, at the same time, if you have the courage to conceal records and evidence regarding how you have worked to silence a Father of two children, evidence shows you failed when provided evidence of a domestic abuse protection order violation.  It seems the time has arrived for you to step up to the plate instead of wasting my time with irrelevant excuses.  Are there no other competent attorney’s in your office during your absence?

Mr. Nicholson, you gave me valuable insight and feedback regarding my alleged status as a prolific information systems manager.  So I have a compliment for you.  Evidence indicates Mr. Brick feels his arrogance and social status will pave a path forward for him in this situation.  At the same time, you have executed a brilliant strategy while buying yourself time, communicating you have yet to be available to accomplish the job you were elected to perform.  All the while executing rather competently that you have no understanding regarding the requested records while claiming to know they are confidential or that you have provided all of them (Social Media Block Lists).

As the evidence indicates, you still need to respond to my records request for the social media block lists for the Jasper County, IA Recorder, and the Jasper County, IA Health Department, whom evidence shows have never blocked me (non-elected position).  I will file a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board later today for these records.  I expect that Mrs. Johnson will most likely dismiss this complaint because your documented testimony on 09 NOV 2022 indicates Jasper County, IA, has already provided these records.  This possible dismissal will motivate me to depart from my reclusive status inspired by over a decade of domestic abuse evidence that shows you did nothing to protect me.  Instead, I will stand before the Iowa Public Information Board and provide evidence that you are an unethical, incompetent liar.  At the same time, I will question why Mrs. Johnson was so quick to dismiss a records request that ultimately provided evidence of your governing body’s constitutional rights violation during your pursuit to be reelected.  Was this initial dismissal inspired by your 16 SEP 2022 conversation with the Iowa Public Information Board?  A conversation I have no record of regarding the dialog that led to Mrs. Johnson’s initial 11 OCT 2022 dismissal the Iowa Public Information Board ultimately tabled.

I want you to remember something very clearly, Mr. Nicholson.  When you go home to a family that loves you on the grounds of our sovereign republic, it provides evidence that the men and women who wore and currently wear uniforms like mine honorably did their job.  When I go home to an empty world surrounded by four walls filled with darkness and suicidal ideations, it is evidence you and other lawyers failed to do their job.  At the same time, evidence shows you work to conceal records and misrepresent the past in your historical correspondence regarding this situation.

Then again, if I am entirely wrong and you are completely correct.  Why block me on social media in the first place?  It would be logical to sue me in a court of law for defamation, not put yourself in a deeper hole while producing evidence of a first amendment rights violation while seeking reelection.

Mr. Nicholson, if I may respectfully request a momentary lapse of professional execution to articulate what I feel at this moment: If I thought you had the courage to stand the watch and serve on the grounds and waters where I have for twenty years of my life I would look you in the eyes and tell you to go fuck yourself and move on.  But as the evidence indicates, I now live in a paradigm of brittle ears and decorum lacking honor.  So I will spend the rest of my life drafting legal correspondence until I solve this case.  At the same time, I respect and adhere to the Iowa Code and the Constitution of the State of Iowa while providing evidence that dismantles the political careers, ideologies, and entitlement of elected leaders that have produced evidence of violating our laws, the spirit of our founding documents, and the rights of those they claim to serve.

The production of the communicated word is an organic process of transmitting ideas and beliefs from one person to another.  It is the foundation of our republic, which is why it is the first among all amendments to our republic’s constitution.  Unfortunately, the elected leaders of Jasper County, IA, have produced evidence of introducing a device that threatens our freedom’s foundation.  So naturally, it should come as no surprise with my conduct record producing evidence of respecting our laws and the Uniform Code of Military Justice leading to my honorable discharge from the United States Navy.  That evidence shows I have committed my life to execute a strategy that will dismantle the ideologies of those that produce evidence of executing actions that violate our laws and constitutional beliefs.  Yet, at the same time, this government body continues to produce evidence of attempting to victimize further what evidence across three states shows is a victim of domestic abuse Jasper County, IA, failed to protect in accordance with our laws.

The practice of law is simply a poetic and chivalrous form of the art of war.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Founder:  cipherphoenix.com
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

“Bricks made with testimony lacking evidence are equivalent to bricks made with straw without clay.”

Cipher Hunter

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