Electronic Mail – Iowa Public Information Board – 17 NOV 2022

Mrs. Johnson,

Evidence indicates you have a consistent habit of misrepresenting facts. How is it a restricted space when citizens who allegedly violate the law travel through the space daily? Are you telling me I must break the law to witness this alleged “restricted” space and the documents posted on the wall the alleged criminal element is allowed to view? A professional would have communicated that my comments would be annotated in the IPIB case file. However, your insertion of dialog I never stipulated shows a hint of your humanity. It shows evidence of what I have communicated about you since the beginning: evidence of misrepresentation.

Fortunately, you are retiring this Spring. I have yet to witness any evidence of your productive purpose in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 23. This argument is supported by simply presenting the alleged Ames, IA, Police Department incident reports you represented to the IPIB as public records in case: 22FC:0020 that were allegedly stored and preserved. At the same time, the date on the paper was the day it was printed while allegedly documenting an incident that had happened over a year earlier.

Tell me, Mrs. Johnson is this what Iowa Code Chapter 22.1(3.)(a.) articulates is a public record?

I hope you had a productive conversation with Jasper County, IA, Attorney Nicholson on 16 SEP 2022 before dismissing my complaint against him on 11 OCT 2022. Ultimately, the Iowa Public Information Board tabled your decision, and Jasper County, IA, Attorney Nicholson was directed to produce his social media block lists. A social media block list that produced evidence of a constitutional rights violation during the 2022 election year. However, Jasper County, IA Attorney Nicholson produced evidence of one Facebook Block List while representing this one list as the block lists for all Jasper County, IA individual social media pages. At the same time, you ignored this evidence and quickly dismissed it again on 09 NOV 2022 as soon as Jasper County, IA Attorney Nicholson told you what you wanted to hear.

What causes me the greatest disappointment is that there is evidence supporting the existence of a paradigm in the State of Iowa that when the wealthy, politically affluent, or those appointed to lofty positions produce evidence of corruption or negligence that damages the lives of the poor or less fortunate, it would seem we are supposed to take a long walk off a short pier. Yet, at the same time, those who produce evidence of these acts in the State of Iowa produce evidence of entitlement regarding having a right to continue lining their pockets with West Des Moines silver coins. In contrast, the evidence indicates you all take turns helping each other withhold records our laws indicate are public records.

I suppose it doesn’t matter if evidence indicates in the State of Iowa, a wealthy person only needs five pictures of themselves standing next to a farmer to launch their political career.

All I wanted is what you all have when I retired. A life with my children. The evidence indicates it is those addressed in this correspondence that have mutated that into a fucking circus.

Take care, Mrs. Johnson.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
Founder:  cipherphoenix.com
Creative Writer/Musician
Information Warfare Specialist
Information Systems Manager
PO BOX 187
Newton, IA 50208

“Bricks made with testimony lacking evidence are equivalent to bricks made with straw without clay.”

Cipher Hunter


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