Electronic Mail – City of Newton, IA – 22 MAR 2023

Mrs. Graff, Mrs. Lamb,

I will not waste either of your time with a lengthy electronic mail citing the Iowa Code and dozens of historical pieces of correspondence reinforcing my position because you have shown me that you are authentic people who speak authentic language. You have always been nice to me, and I trust you as people and employees of the City of Newton, IA. I have requested record receipts, as shown in the record request attached. Mr. Brick has provided a fee inconsistent with the City of Newton, IA’s historical fee for these documents. I was charged $.50 for one record receipt from 2011 a few weeks ago by Mrs. Montgomery. I want to arrive today, pay for and pick up these records, and close out this request. I may arrive before you read this electronic mail or before you have had time to process it. Please let me know if you need me to come back later or later this week. I stipulated Thursday in my previous electronic mail before I realized that the person that provides me transportation could not bring me to the City of Newton, IA, tomorrow. Based on the historical evidence, I believe the fee for the records requested in my request #34 is $9. Not the $45 Mr. Brick has articulated in his 14 MAR 2023 memorandum or the $79 he communicated to the Iowa Public Information Board in his 21 DEC 2022 electronic mail. When I am not dealing with complicated people, I am generally a quiet person who likes to walk around and talk to friendly people. I hope you are both having a good day. Take care.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

-Matthew 25:40

I appreciate your kindness; it has helped me heal and let me know that I am not alone in a country that, for a while, made me feel like I was thrown away after serving it. We live in a world including people that do not take responsibility for their actions, possibly because they think they are entitled and above doing so or because of fear. When I have spoken with you, the women in the City of Newton, IA front office, City Council Member Wade, or City Council Member Trotter, it renews my faith in the city I call home. My current legal address is in the City of Grinnell, IA, because I am standing by a single Mom that is trying to improve her life, just as she was the only person that stood by me in the Des Moines VA Hospital when I was trying to find the strength to live my own. The City of Newton, IA, is the only place I feel at home because it is where my life was destroyed. At the same time, my soul was awakened to serve a greater purpose. I believe in the people that live in this town and what this town can be.

The evidence of acts that were executed for the purpose of concealing public records was never intended by God to conceal the Truth.  It is my belief it was a test to prepare me for the road he has placed in front of me.

“The Evolution of Camaraderie through Chivalry

Adversaries are allies that have yet to reach a mutual point of enlightenment.

How we treat our adversaries is equally crucial to how we treat our allies because our adversary’s memories will also stand beside us on a future battlefield when we fight as one.”


“The Form of Misrepresentation

When one party distorts another party’s view or understanding of the Truth by altering, manipulating, or concealing the bricks in the foundation on which it stands.”

-Cipher Hunter

My best friend Monica has told me that even when I tell her I have written something short, it is still five pages long.


A citizen and veteran with no name seeking to defend those whom evidence indicates society has taken their face.