Electronic Mail – City of Newton, IA Attorney Matthew Brick – 03 APR 2023


I respectfully submit that when I look at the City of Newton, IA, city council table, I see many good people with compassionate smiles and three working hard to prove they are assholes. I was surprised tonight to witness evidence that you are not among them. My interpretation of what I saw tonight indicates you are a reserved intellectual like myself. You have more accomplishments on your walls, while I have more salt water in my drinking glass. I hope we both leave this situation better because of this interaction. You have taught me much about the Iowa Code as I have faced and responded to your moves on the game board that we currently find ourselves at cross purposes. At the same time, I hope you do not miscalculate the next citizen that produces evidence of being a humble, simple person that usually spends time sitting somewhere by themselves, thinking with a can of Pepsi in their hand, at the same time, providing them records in accordance with our laws and not what you feel you can navigate through or get away with.

In this life, nothing is perfect, and we all make mistakes. All that matters is whether adversaries have it within their hearts to shake hands, learn from each other, and move on with mutual respect toward each other. In my twenty years in the Navy, the greatest lesson I learned was that some of my better friends were people I was not aligned with at one point. This paradigm exists because you grow with that person and learn more about them and yourself, in contrast to the people that show an unauthentic version of themselves to everyone while pursuing a path of least resistance.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are two men at a bar having a beer: Dude, your 08 AUG 2022 electronic mail was a dick move.

I intend to advance my research and investigation to a logical conclusion based on the evidence. But, at the same time, I desire to depart this situation not as your enemy but as two people that have mutual respect as a result of the sum of the metaphysical battlefield that we competed against each other on until its logical conclusion as I fight to achieve justice for the benefit of future citizens that find themselves in the mire my soul has evolved into calling home.

Disclaimer: My early departure from city council meetings is not evidence of a lack of respect or regard for the voices of others. I have not had a vehicle since my divorce and the commencement of the concealment of my children, and I do not have control over my transportation at this time. I have invested everything I have toward trying to be a part of their lives and correcting the damage the malicious among us have caused while showing no concern for their health and well-being during and after the time they were concealed from San Diego East County Superior Court.


Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
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“Bricks made with testimony lacking evidence are equivalent to bricks made with straw without clay.”

Cipher Hunter