Electronic Mail – Jasper County, IA, Sheriff – City of Newton, IA – The Lighthouse on the Edge of the Abyss

Sheriff Halferty/Chief Burdess

It is my understanding/belief that ******* ********* is currently incarcerated. I am requesting information regarding how I can find out or if you know where he is incarcerated. I intend to mentor him and provide him with spiritual guidance to help him get on the right track within the parameters of the location he is currently incarcerated. In my last evaluation, before I retired from the United States Navy, my Commanding Officer articulated that I was a spiritual mentor to his junior Sailors as I have over 15 years of US Navy Leadership training and a lifelong commitment to my beliefs that guided those during deployments that no longer wanted to live to seek me out for help. I intend not to let that training collect dust. For my entire life, I have stood the watch in a lighthouse on the edge separating severe depression from the point of no return while I have helped those I could turn around.

I have previously briefly talked to ******* when I ran into him in public. At the same time, I have studied the psychological profiles of some of our nation’s worst offenders while my partner has pursued her Masters’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. But, unfortunately, there are some among us that we repeatedly handcuff that possibly only require a little help and guidance to get on a proper, ethical, and moral path. Possibly something as simple as providing them the ability to feel heard. I would like to volunteer my time to the City of Newton, IA if your officer’s feel you are dealing with a citizen that requires a mentor or assistance finding a path in life that is in accordance with our laws.

I wave at you all when you drive by in your squad cars, and I greet you respectfully when I see you because I respect you all; I appreciate your service and would rather be your friend. However, it is quite possible that I have become a pain in your ass because I believe I can help you all, too, as you have challenged me to rise above the life this world creates for us all. It is my hope and desire that someday we all have a mutual respect for each other. At the same time, if any of you ever call me a consistent, complicated, meticulous son of a ​**** I will only request chest cam footage of this event for my scrap book.

Disclaimer: I have included City Attorney Brick in this electronic mail because it would cause me great annoyance if this electronic mail required an extra forward before I am falsely accused of violating Iowa Code Section 708.7 again. At the same time, I must drop future correspondence off in person for an additional six months while improving the statistical likelihood of getting hit by another repeat offender with no license in a crosswalk that the Newton, IA Police Department seemed incredibly apologetic toward in chest cam footage regarding charging them for something so the officer didn’t get in trouble.

Upon reading Merritt’s email Chris turned to Ron and said, “It is very clear to me why this guy retired at twenty years. The United States Navy most likely approached him and said look we will give you half your income and healthcare for life if you go back home and start emailing someone else.”

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Matthew 25:40

What if the disheveled panicked citizen that you first witnessed in 2019 was an honorably discharged veteran suffering from Severe Depression, General Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder documented on his Department of Veteran Affairs Disability with zero criminal records in the middle of a life crisis and panic attack while his children were being concealed across three states, at the same time, being viciously and maliciously attacked by multiple involved parties utilizing law enforcement unethically to attack and silence the citizen they were victimizing. This isn’t only my testimony; it is documented in our state’s public records and my case file within the following government bodies:

City of Marshalltown, IA/Marshalltown, IA Police Department
City of Ames, IA/Ames, IA Police Department/Ames, IA Community School District
City of Newton, IA/Newton, IA Police Department
City of Guthrie Center, IA/Guthrie County Sheriff’s Office

We all preach and parade to defend those that suffer from mental health disorders because it is socially desirable. At the same time, who we are as a people is defined by how we treat the innocent parties suffering from these conditions while they desperately ask us for help while losing everything. I believe God allowed Satan to ravage my life because that is why I was sent to stand watch in this lighthouse and perform this Job.



Michael J. Merritt, USN Retired/Writer
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“Bricks made with testimony lacking evidence are equivalent to bricks made with straw without clay.”

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