The Form of Murdock

Every Veteran has their A-Team.

Just as every A-Team has, a harmless diagnosed tactical amateur comedian with a special set of skills.

If you are a veteran and you are lost in darkness, and you feel like you are not part of an A-Team, know that you are a part of mine.

It is God and my A-Team that built me, trained me, and stood the watch with me during this mission.

US Department of Veterans Affairs Crisis Hotline

5 years ago, a US Navy Work Center was falsely accused of a crime by Jasper County, IA, for a crime they did not commit. These Veterans promptly escaped with unlawfully concealed public records to the Iowa underground. Today still pursued by the government, they survive as constitutional poets. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can serve with an A-Team.

Legal Disclaimer: This published work of inspirational creative writing references fictional events while parodying intellectual property owned by Cannell Productions, Inc. and Twentieth Century Studios.