Why is it imperative to ensure that a basket of apples contains not one apple with a worm? Because it only takes a few bad apples before a paradigm is produced where the people begin to question their ability to trust the rest of the honorable law enforcement officers that manifest courage and commitment daily […]

The truth is under duress while you refuse to confess.Our lives you molest while behind your desk you rest,You waste our time with a lawyer who can’t play chess. When will you show us the True Form of Chief Burdess? You conceal public records from those who have less,while you release the same public records […]

Which came first, the undesirable symptoms of mental health that we hide from view and criminalize, or the actions of the unethical and the criminal that produced the trauma they evolved from? A community that abridges, mutes, disregards, and falsely criminalizes the voices of the wounded so they do not pollute their desired world will […]

Jasper County, IA Sheriff John HalfertyJasper County Sheriff’s Office2300 Law Center DriveNewton, IA 50208 A light that shines brightly in the darkness that manifests itself in the shadows behind the limestone of Iowa’s halls of justice. I have witnessed evidence that Jasper County, IA, is consumed in darkness. But, at the same time, I trust […]

When a jurisdiction produces evidence of a form of tribalism that indicates if you did not graduate from its schools or grow up in its cornfields, your voice and your life do not matter. It produces very concerning questions regarding how citizens who do not look like those who lead that jurisdiction are treated. When […]

There was a time when an offense occurred, or someone trespassed against me. I needed the offender to feel the dominance and intellectual superiority of my wrath. Ultimately people define themselves with the evidence of their actions. But, at the same time, we define ourselves while producing evidence of how we choose to respond. Only […]

Which came first, the Second Amendment or the free voice that spoke it? The sound of one honorable speaker with courage and moral influence will echo throughout eternity. The sound of one gun will be silenced by the passing of the moment it is discharged as the person that pulled the trigger is forgotten to […]