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To pursue legislation that protects children from Parental Alienation. The restoration of Father’s parental rights. Establishing a legal precedent that identifies their value to a child’s development is more than just a monthly deposit.

State Concealment Programs

Updating state laws preventing the state enabled concealment of children without a protective order and due process.

Accountability of School Districts

Accountability for the leadership of districts that fail to follow state law regarding the reporting of abuse and neglect of children they teach and mentor.

Accountability of Minor Counsels

Accountability for Minor Counsels that fail to represent the best interests of the children they represent regarding the state laws that dictate their rights and responsibilities in executing their role.

Exposing Cultural Bias in America’s Court Rooms

Providing concrete evidence and proof of the cultural bias that exists in America’s Family Courts damaging Father’s opportunities to be a part of their children’s lives

Aggressive Prosecution of Perjury

Accountability for those that utilize false statements to further their case in court.  Accountability for those that file protection orders based on false statements for the purpose of destroying a person’s life and their ability to see their children.

Aggressive Prosecution of those that conspire to conceal children.

What is Illusory Abuse?

When a person having control or influence over another utilizes communication and a repetitive dialog of falsehoods to reshape and program the thoughts, feelings, and actions of another.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

According to the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, false criminal allegations are reported for the following reasons:
  1. Mental Illness/Depression
  2. Attention/Sympathy
  3. Financial Profit
  4. Alibi
  5. Revenge

The Form of Perjury

Carl Sagan stated:
“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Without extraordinary evidence, extraordinary claims are nothing more than falsehoods concealing a motive.

If our nation’s courts are allowed to be fueled by extraordinary claims and not extraordinary evidence, our nation’s justice system will devolve to nothing more than the executive wing of that day’s social politics.

Without accountability consistently maintained towards those that produce false statements in court, our courts will have no more validity than the falsehoods that are made within its walls.

We will live in a world where justice is consumed by a sea of lies.

Court Documents Available At:

Superior Court East County Division

250 E Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020

San Diego Superior Court – Case: ED100465